Contemporary artist Patrick Duffy creates multi-scaled works that seek to realize patterns through the usage of process, form and color, building a relation to an illusory depth of real space. Through layers of mark making using graphite, ink and paint on canvas, Duffy's use of patterns and color mimic the building blocks of his interest within the inner workings between the metaphysical and the concrete. Like a well-written song or a masterful curated dish, both made up of many small parts, it is the collage of the ingredients that merge to form a fully realized idea. Images of fractal processions allow a kind of rhythm to develop, connecting elements that have their own state of individuality, but are still translated and re-translated to fit within balanced works.

With a passion for the process of painting, drawing, environmental and physical sciences, imagery of particular theories and ideas are worked out within the canvas. Duffy's work can be seen as a reflection on influences and experiences of growing up in a small fishing culture on the ocean. Nautical themes represent a sense of time and place that are imagined in an accretive, but flattened way, pertaining to have a sense of continual motion.
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